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Meet the W10 Performance Coaches

The W10 team are the best trainers I have ever worked with‘ – Veronica B

As well as going through our comprehensive in-house six month mentorship programme all of our select team of experienced coaches are continually updating their knowledge. Our high staff retention rate also means they get to know you and what you need.  What’s more, we never use freelancers.

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JC is the man you have to thank (or blame) for creating the W10 gym and community. His extensive experience has been called on to create a training philosophy that blends the best bits from a broad range of styles, complimented by his knowledge of nutrition, functional medicine and rehabilitation. He’s also adamant that the members are the gym’s most important element and that’s why W10 has such a strong community atmosphere and is the ‘go to’ gym for anyone who is keen to see serious results from their training.

Three random facts about JC:
1. He played American Football for Great Britain as a junior
2. His wife Clara is a Yoga instructor (he should listen to her and stretch more)
3. He is currently completing further studies in Naturopathic nutrition

Jonesy is a bit of gentle giant. At least, he’s gentle until you start slacking off during your workouts. His experience playing elite level professional sport, considerable training knowledge, and his coaching charm allow him to get more out of people than they realised was possible.

Three random facts about Adam:
1. Before joining W10 he played professional rugby in Italy
2. His love of power ballads is widely recognised in the industry
3. He once did a BOSU course (which he now regrets)


Adam comes to W10 after spending 5 years as a Strength Coach in Hong Kong. Originally from Newcastle, he was a professional rugby player with Newcastle Falcons.

Three random facts about Adam:

1. He hasn’t brushed his hair since 1992.
2. He can eat any sized apple under three bites.
3. He U-9 & U-11 Tyne & Wear Table Tennis Champion.

Tom comes to W10 having worked in the industry for 8 years. His knowledge has been accrued from numerous mentorships and internships. He has a sporting background in rugby, and now having hung up his boots he is the S&C coach for London Irish Wild Geese. He competes nationally in fitness competitions (think running and jumping and not tanned on a stage).

Three Facts:
1. All of his shorts are short.
2. He played for London Irish in rugby.
3. He was once on a TV show for judging pizza.


Nicknamed ‘Foxy’, Olli is another one of our trainers to play sport at a high level having moved to Sweden at 18 to play ice hockey. His first-hand experience of different training systems from gymnastics to strength training to endurance, and friendly yet no-nonsense style make him a versatile coach and a great motivator.

Three random facts about Olli:
1. He developed his love for training playing ice hockey
2. He lost his sense of taste and smell in a hockey accident
3. He is allergic to blueberries

Tom came to W10 after being known to the team for years. A hugely experienced and passionate coach, he’s a great coup and a welcomed addition to the team. He’s attended numerous internships and seminars over the years in order to keep his knowledge topped up.

Three random facts about Tom:

1. He competes nationally in powerlifting.
2. He likes to tan up and compete in bodybuilding also.
3. He used to play football for Bristol City.

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With an eclectic taste in music, Jason is Mr. Smooth of W10 .You may catch him dancing on the gym floor or deadlifting, depending on his mood at the time. He’s travelled far and wide to gain his coaching experience and came to W10 highly recommended.

Three random facts about Jason:

1. It’s taken him 11 years to grow his facial hair.
2. He’s a member of the Justin Bieber Fanclub.
3. He used to play Semi-Professional football.

David comes to W10 having been in the industry for over 8 years. He came into the industry after his rugby career was cut short to injury. As a past-time he competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has won gold at both the British and European championships.

Three random facts:

1. He’s secretly obsessed with Made in Chelsea.
2. He has the wingspan of a Boeing 747.
3. He’s scared of sharks and won’t go near the sea in the US, Australia or South Africa – weird.

Mark Taylor

The thinking man of W10, Mark splits his time between coaching British swimming in Loughborough and training clients at our Kensal Road gym. He has wealth of knowledge in Strength & Conditioning, and has completed his Masters degree in the subject.

Three random facts about Mark:

1. His nickname is Beef.
2. He widely regarded as the biggest sporting nause of W10.
3. He once waited 4 hours in the rain for Martin Johnson’s autograph.

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The W10 Team August 14, 2013