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Benefits of good nutrition habits versus a diet

Nutrition should provide adequate energy, support health and also be enjoyable. After all lets face it, no matter how you dress it – pun intended – chicken breast with rice and broccoli, eaten out of a Tupperware pot four times a day is bland, and if anyone tells you it isn’t, I would seriously question their mental health. The main […]

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Why might I have to eat more to lose more?

When it comes to kick starting a healthier lifestyle most people are pretty good at identifying areas in their diet, which are holding them back. I mean, eating cheesecake three times a week does make me a better person to be around but it doesn’t do much for my waistline. However, people aren’t so good at replacing the crap that […]

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Should I count calories?

Some people will insist that it starts and ends with calories.  Eat too much and move too little you’ll gain weight, it’s the basic energy in vs. energy out equation.  And it’s true.  But I don’t think we should view it solely this way. I rarely suggest that people count calories at the outset. I think people should be more […]

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