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W10 Tip: Include these principles in your fat loss programme

It’s January, everyone’s on a fat loss programme and we’re inundated with requests for advice on ‘the best programme, exercise and/or diet for fat loss’.  Our views extend well beyond a brief tip post, but here’s some brief points. There’s arguably no ‘best’ programme or diet for fat loss; there are many ways to skin a cat.  However, there are […]

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Day 9 of Lauren’s 12-week Performance Programme blog

Nine days in and Lauren’s still with us…..just! We’re well into the second week and Lauren’s sticking to everything that has been outlined for her.  There’s been nutritional up’s and down’s, some decent training and the full spectrum of emotions! Keep up to date with progress at Lauren’s blog site.  Not necessarily the best advert for our services (!), but […]

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