How to improve chin ups?

Here are a few methods that will help you increase the amount of chin ups you can do or get to the point where you can tick off that elusive first chin up.

1. More Frequency – Starting with the obvious. If you want to get better at something you need to do more of it.  Add a max set of chin ups as part of the end of your warm up every time you are in the gym.

2. Slow Down The Eccentric – Eccentric means the lowering phase and is the strongest of the three muscle contractions.

3. Be Strict With Form – This may sound obvious when talking about a ‘strict’ chin up, but you don’t want your legs flailing all over the place.

4. Weak Point Training – The biceps play a big role in chin up strength and theoretically may have more of a carryover than exercises such as lat pulldowns. If the upper back is weak address that.

5. Address Mobility – You may be lacking the mobility to get in the correct position at the top.

6. Use Of Bands – Resistance bands are a great way of allowing people who can’t perform chins to do them in correct form.

7. Lose Weight – Chin ups are a matter of relative strength therefore you don’t have to have a masters in physics to realise that the lighter you are the easier they will become.

8. Clusters – Use small intra set pauses known as clusters. Say you are trying to get 6 reps, but fatigue after 4. Perform 3 and rest for 20 seconds before performing the second 3.

9. Use External Load – If you can perform 10 bodyweight chin ups it’s time to start weighting them for lower reps.