Health Testing

Our health tests can help us create even more effective exercise and nutrition plans. Here are your key options

Body composition testing

What? We use the advanced InBody system from BioSpace to analyse your body composition so we have trackable, tangible progress markers. Why? Before we write your training and nutrition plans we need to know what condition you’re in. We also need to repeat these tests so we can make sure you’re moving forwards. How? The test is quick and easy and you’re probably more interested in knowing your body fat percentage than you are in finding out about the device’s inner workings. It is, however, worth pointing out that it measures each of your four limbs and your trunk independently to get impressively accurate data. How much? Free for members, £25 for non-members.

Food intolerance test

What? We can scientifically test to see if you are intolerant to any everyday foods, which may be undermining your healthy eating efforts. Why? Without testing, it’s difficult to know if you have a food intolerance because you might not pick up on the symptoms or match them to a particular food. But if you are intolerant it’s worth knowing about because eating certain foods could be adversely affecting your health. How? We take a simple finger-prick blood test that we send to a lab who can analyse the sample to see if you’re intolerant to key foods, which will allow us to be precise about how we create your nutrition plans. How much? £249

Functional medicine screening

What? If better health is a goal, we can use our functional medicine screening to tailor a programme that suits your wellbeing needs. Why? By looking at your general health we can address any underlying issues that may be preventing you from feeling optimal. We’ll also assess your stress levels, which have a big impact on fat loss and how you feel. How? A blood screening allows us to look at various aspects of your health. A salivary hormone test will reveal your stress levels. How much? £499