What makes W10 tick

These are our core values that underpin how we work and make us who we are:


1.Work hard
Do the hard yards. And do it for the entire W10 community.

2.Play hard
Do stuff that makes you feel alive. Do it regularly.

3.Laugh hard
Not just at yourself but with others too.

4.Bring your best
Do this every day. No excuses. No exceptions.

5.Lead by example
Practice what you preach. Don’t just tell people; show them.

6.Go the extra mile
Make the effort. Do the little things that make a difference.

7.Never stop learning
Strive for continual development both personally and professionally.

8.Play it straight
Be honest and transparent. No ego, no bullshit.

9.Build the community
Don’t think ‘I’ or ‘me’. Think ‘we’.

10.Be professional
Have fun but remember that we’re a business.