Killer Ab Workout: Feature In Sports Magazine

Killer Ab Workout: Feature In Sports Magazine


The barbell roll-out is one of the most effective ways of working your abs.

1. Start low

Kneel on the floor (or a mat) with your hands on a barbell, shoulder-width apart, and your shoulders directly over the barbell.

2. Slow and steady

Keeping your knees in a fixed position, roll the bar out in front of you, trying to keep hips and shoulders moving at the same speed. You should feel your abs switch on.

3. Back off

Roll out as far as you can go without starting to feel a strain on your lower back. Focus on keeping tension in your lats (the muscle in the middle of your back), glutes and abs throughout.

4. Roll up

Once you’ve gone as far as you can with good form, squeeze your abs and reverse the move back to the start.

5. Go Swiss

Too tough? Use a Swiss ball instead of a barbell (your hands start on the ball and you roll out to your elbows). Too easy? Start from standing instead of kneeling, or add a resistance band to the bar, pulling it away from you.