Don’t Focus On The Goal, Focus On This Instead…

Over the next few weeks you’ll be hearing all the coaches encouraging you to write your goals on the boards in the gym. We all need goals. They give us something to aim for and motivate us but is there are better way to set your goals?


Most of the goals that we set in the gym are outcome based goals. For example an outcome based goal would be I want to gain muscle or lose weight. We’ve all set a goal like that in the past. I want to get from point A, where I am right now, to my desired destination of Point B.


But lets look at this in a different way. If you did want to lose or gain say 5kg of bodyweight, how are you going to do it? For both these examples we would need to train three times a week, eat more vegetables and get six to eight hours of sleep a night. These are what we call process based goals.


Process goals are much more measurable than outcome goals and we as coaches can hold you accountable to them. Its not enough to say I want to loss or gain weight. HOW are we going to do it? By making sure you hit the gym three times a week, by cutting out the fizzy drinks and so on.


If we set ourselves process goals we would be in a much stronger place to get to our desired destination.


So when we ask you what your goals are, have a think about where you’re desired destination is, but more importantly how you’re going to get there.