Shift more tin with 3 simple steps


We all want to get stronger and shift more weight. Pulling a heavy deadlift personal best off the floor is a great feeling of achievement no matter what your level. Getting stronger is a process and takes time but there are small tweaks we can make to our technique to instantly be more efficient and powerful with our deadlift.


Shift more tin



Lift in your socks

Deadlifting in your socks or a flat training shoe will allow you to get into a better starting position then a running shoe with a thicker sole.

Being closer to the ground also means you have to lift the bar over a shorter distance.

Running shoes also have a cushioned sole meaning you are pushing into a soft and unstable base when lifting, losing power during your lift.

Try lifting in socks or even a cheap pair of converse have a hard flat surface.


Bend the bar

A great tip I received from powerlifter Andy Bolton has made getting those max weights off the floor a lot easier. Andy was the first man to deadlift 1000lbs so who better to listen to.

“Bend the bar” is a cue to think about pulling the slack out of the bar with some upward pressure just before you lift. Pulling tension into the bar stops the jerking action you get coming off the ground. This action gets your nervous system excited and muscles tight like a slingshot ready to lift.


Big breath 

Bracing is sure to have you feeling stronger during your lift. Take a big breath at the bottom before you lift. Rather than breathing into the chest you want to take a deep breath into the belly to create tension increasing pressure in your abdomen and protecting your lower back.

Do not breathe out during your lift as this will as you will lose tension and power. Instead rest your breath between each lift while the weight is on the floor.