Are you ready to change?

A lot of the time people come to the W10 with similar goals.  The vast majority of our members want to change their body composition, whether it be to lose fat or add some muscle mass. And they often want results, quickly.


But the truth is that sustainable results are not easily achieved. For the majority of us it’s going to require doing things that we would not normally be comfortable with.

To do something you have never done, you have to try something you never did”

Our new programs Fit 56 and the 21-Day super shred require a period of full commitment and discipline to your training and nutrition plan.

Are you willing to get up 4 times a week at 5.30am for a 7am session?  

Or drag yourself in after a long day at work for an evening session?

Will you prepare and measure your foods each day? 

Can you avoid temptation and commit yourself to the programme and say no to booze when in a social situation or go to bed hungry when craving that late night treat?

Can you treat weekends like the rest of the week?


Are you ready to change?


These are all questions you have to ask yourself because you will at some points face these situations during your time on these programmes. What you do could be the difference between where you are now and the transformation you have been looking for.

We have all the bases covered with your training, and our great team of coaches at W10 will push to get the best out of you in each session.

We are big on keeping you accountable.   You will be expected to turn up for each session and weigh in each week. If not, expect an email or phone call as to why not.

Outside of the gym we will be there to support you with your nutrition also.  Your assigned coach will expect you to check in with weekly updates on food intake and adherence.

As coaches we have to be honest and set realistic expectations with members from the beginning. We will be there with you step by step but if you are someone who is half-hearted about committing to the process then, in all honesty, it might not be the right time for you to take on one of our programmes at this time. You may be better suited to a long-term approach like our semi-private option, which allows you to make changes at your own pace.

We will be fully committed to getting you the best results possible and but we need the same back from you.

That stone that you want to lose isn’t going to happen training once or twice a week on the same diet you’ve always had. If you’re not prepared to get up that bit earlier to make a good healthy breakfast, or give up those glasses of wine every night, then chances are this isn’t for you.

You probably won’t be coming to us with the best lifestyle or eating habits – hence why you come, right?   And you’re probably tired of the way you feel and not seeing results. You want to change this, and we can absolutely help you with it.  You just need to be prepared to put it in, both in and out of the gym.

It won’t all be plain sailing, that’s almost a certainty.  But if you are willing to train hard in each session and commit to trying something different and getting organised and making small sustainable changes to your nutrition, then this could be for you…