What’s Your Why?


Changing your body shape is hard. Whether putting on muscle or losing body fat, both can be extremely challenging. If it were easy we’d all look exactly how we wanted to look, year round, beach ready at the drop of a hat.

But the reality is, we’re not.


Life just has a habit of getting in the way, and that’s fine. We lead busy lives where we have all this amazing technology that is meant to make life easier and more productive but I certainly don’t have much more spare time, and when I look around either does anyone else.

In my experience, the most common barrier with every single one of us reaching our goals, is ourselves. Let me introduce you to a concept I like to call the ‘self-ruiner’. I’m a world authority on being a ‘self-ruiner’ as I’m the biggest one I know.

I just like to make things really difficult for myself.  Not on purpose may I add. It’s only recently that I believe I’ve got to the bottom of what one of the main barriers is for myself. And that is, why? Why am I doing what I’m doing?


Find your motivation


In the context of the gym, some want to gain 5kgs of muscle and others to reduce their weight by 6kg – both of which are great goals – but there has got to be more to it. There has got to be a reason, or a ‘why’, behind it to drive you towards your goal.

If you don’t have one then I find after that initial 3 or 4 week period most people fall off the rails. How many times have you started out with good intentions and a month later you’re done? Be honest. We’ve all been there.


With the Fit56 kicking off, everyone taking part has to have a ‘why’. In fact everyone in the gym who is training needs to have a ‘why’. If not, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You’re being a ‘Self-Ruiner’.

You should spend some time reflecting and start to investigate what your ‘why’ is. There might be many different reasons. You might not get to it at the first sitting, and I guarantee you, if you do it properly it will not be pretty.


When we point that magnifying glass over ourselves sometimes we don’t like what we see, but hey, I said it wasn’t easy. Reflect, write your thoughts and feelings down, tear it up, start again, change it, add to it, whatever works for you, but this is the start point. Every time you read it, it should fill you with that fire to smash your goals.

Everyone needs to focus for a period of time on their training.  It’s not human nature to be ‘on’ all the time.  By doing so, you’re talking to that ‘self-ruiner’ again.  Don’t do it.

Hone in for a set period and give it your all. Those 5am alarm clocks aren’t a nice thought – nor is seeing our ugly faces attempt some banter at 6am – but sometimes some things just need to be done.


The Fit56 programme is not a ‘magic pill’. Everyone taking part should have thought about the level of commitment and time required to be successful before signing up. They should also know their ‘why’.

This is just the starting point though, and where they go from there only they can decide.