5 Boxes To Tick If You’re Not Getting Results



Improving your body composition is sometimes a bit of a puzzle. That being said, it can be a simple puzzle with only a few large pieces.


Often people are baffled when they haven’t got any obvious aesthetic change after doing a month or more of consistent exercise. Consistent exercise is a great place to start and it will have a positive effect on health. However, it’s just the start if you want to make a change to your physique.


You need to keep these 5 things in mind all the time and manage your lifestyle by creating sustainable habits.


  1. 8 hours of sleep a night
  1. 3-4 meals a day consisting of unprocessed foods, each one with a decent source of protein
  1. 3-4 training sessions a week
  1. 5 or less units of alcohol a week (one or two beers/glasses of wine)
  1. 3 litres of water every day


If you nail all of these consistently, there is no doubt you will start making strides in the right direction.


Weight Loss


Body re-composition is a long road and sprinting out of the gate will not get you to the end of a long road!


If the above list looks unrealistic then you may not be ready for a transformation. Which is absolutely fine, but don’t expect to see significant change.


The meal planner below is a great way to track whether you are nailing your nutrition.