Who are you training for?

Often when starting out on a lifestyle change or a fat loss journey there is good reasoning for making this decision in the first place. Why are you here? What has made you decide to make a change? Who has influenced this decision? Have YOU made this decision? Are you really doing it for yourself?

These are all questions that many of us fail to ask ourselves and yet answering them could provide a huge clue as to how successful we will be in the longer term.

It might seem surprising but we, as trainers, often encounter clients who have been forced into training through constant negative comments and unwanted pressure. Human beings can be extremely powerful. They have the ability, especially if highly regarded in our lives, to heavily influence the path we take – our lifestyle choices, habits and overall attitude – past, present and future.

Those people that aren’t doing it for themselves are easy to spot as they lack commitment & enthusiasm for their programme and have a tendency to be lax with their nutrition and completely go off the rails. We all know that when we enjoy doing something we often do that thing repeatedly and we become good at that thing. Underlying success when it comes to training and nutrition, no matter how good the trainer is, is down to the person and their attitude towards their end goal. If the passion and drive isn’t there in the first place, the road to results is often a long and winding and unsuccessful one.

Before embarking on a lifestyle change, consider whom you are actually doing it for. Make sure this person is YOU and you will already be half way there to achieving great results.