The secret to fitness is strength

It’s no secret that I am a huge advocate of lifting weights and getting stronger. As far as I’m concerned strength training should be the cornerstone of your training programme, regardless of whether you are training for health, fat loss or performance.

Why is strength important?

I think of strength as your engine, and the greater your strength capacity the greater your performance. In turn, it is important that as your performance improves, you must continue to increase your strength capacity to allow performance to increase even further still.

So there you have it: The secret to continual progression in the gym is to continually get stronger. And the moment this stops, you can rest assured that your halt in progress will not be far behind.

Don’t let strength be your limiting factor

Taking the time to build a base of strength will have a huge carry over into every other aspect of fitness. It will give you the ability to push yourself harder, to run faster, row quicker, and so on. In effect, it will improve all of the elements that contribute to building a better athlete.

This will enable you to get more work done in a shorter amount of time and keep the results and the PB’s coming. This is what we want, to get better, and this is why strength training is a mainstay in our programming at W10 Performance.

Not only as a cornerstone of our personal training sessions, but the reason we do it in our Conditioning Hub sessions also. Every Tuesday and Thursday sees our members focus on developing mobility, technique and strength. This isn’t to say these sessions are easy, far from it, and there is always a little something nasty at the back end of every session that our members love to hate, but we need to remember that strength training is important.

So remember, get strong and stay strong.

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