Telegraph feature: ‘Beware the sedentary life between workouts’

Check out our feature in the Telegraph titled ‘Beware the sedentary life between workouts’

“One of the most common questions that arises when it comes to exercise is how much we should we be exercising to achieve certain goals. There are lots of factors that will influence this, and it will be completely different for all of us, but one of the things that is often forgotten – or barely ever considered – is how much daily movement or physical activity we get beyond our structured exercise routine, which obviously has a huge baring on the type and amount of exercise we do, and how capable we are of recovering from it.

We need to distinguish between physical activity, or activities of daily living such as walking, carrying shopping, playing with the children, and exercise – which refers to structured training sessions, such as going for a run or to the gym. We should factor both types of movement in if we want to optimise our health and our fitness, but it seems we don’t; while there has been a rise in the level of structured exercise in recent years, there has been a worrying decline in physical activity, or unstructured daily movement. In other words, despite an increase in gym memberships, overall we are actually moving less.

Physical activity includes things such as walking, doing the housework, gardening, and workplace manual labour, all of which are things that many of us no longer engage in, as we no longer need to, or perhaps more commonly, no longer have time to. Many of us find ourselves sitting a desk all day rather than doing a physical job, as would have been the norm in years previously, walking with shopping bags has been replaced with door-drop deliveries, and we employ household cleaners and gardeners to help us out, all of which contribute to a far more sedentary way of life.”

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