Telegraph feature: ‘Are all calories created equal?’

Check out our feature in the Telegraph titled ‘Are all calories created equal?: 

“The issue of calories has become a confusing one, with conflicting opinions about whether or not calories count, and whether or not we need to pay any attention to the numbers if we want to keep our waistlines in check. Some people will have us believe that it is all about calories, and we that simply need to eat less if we want to lose weight, while others will explain that it isn’t calories that we should be measuring, but rather the quality of our food. So who is right and what is the best way forward for those of us who want to keep our health in check?

In fact, the argument for both is strong – in part. We need to focus on both the quantity and the quality of the food that we eat. The truth remains if you eat more calories than you require or expend, you will gain weight – this is the basic energy in vs. energy out principle, routed in science. Calories definitely do count and we do need to be mindful of how much we eat, regardless of the type or quality of food that we eat, even the ‘good’ stuff.

However, I believe that it is a mistake to view nutrition solely from a calories in and out standpoint. In my view, many people would do better if they actually stopped counting calories, particularly at the outset. Whilst calories absolutely do count, people should be more concerned with making better food choices initially, rather than simply working within a set calorie prescription…”

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