Everyday we make choices, be they conscious or subconscious.

‘What shall I have for breakfast?



‘What time do the kids need to be picked up?’

‘What will they eat?’

And so on.

We lead busy lives where we need to make decisions all day, both at work and at home.

And we only get a certain amount of willpower and slowly throughout the day our reserves get used up.

The choices we make first off in the day can drain us. Hence when deciding whether you should go to the gym after work on a dark and wet evening, or go home to sit on the sofa, the latter normally prevails.

It’s the same with food choices.

It’s human nature.

We tend to opt for the easiest option most of the time – we’re not stupid.

So why not take the guessing work out of things for you though and plan ahead?

You may think it’s easy for us to do, as we eat, breathe and sleep this lifestyle, but we too are only human and I for one would much rather have a pizza and ice cream instead of a chicken salad.

A little preparation goes a long way.

Write out your meals weekly and make them the night before.

Put your gym clothes out for the morning.

Prepare your lunches.

It’s not rocket science, and I certainly don’t want to sound like some over-motivational drip, but it’s good habits, practiced consistently over a period of time that will get you to where you want to be.