Why don’t you have more machines at W10?

There are a few reasons we don’t have many machines at W10. Some are practical ones, like the floor space that they occupy, but most of them are a product of our training ethos and our definition of fitness.

I’m not anti machine-based training, and I think that machines definitely have their place. In fact, if you have muscle building goals or have specific rehabilitation requirements for example, you’ll likely find machines hugely beneficial.

And we do have some machines at W10. But these have been chosen because they focus on specific areas where many of our members present with strength and muscle imbalances. Machines help us target these areas to bring them up to speed.

But, overall, people need to move more, not sit more, in machines. And if your goal is general fitness, by which I mean you want to add a bit of muscle, drop some body fat and get fit, then you’ll very likely feel better, and get better results, using exercises involving bodyweight and free-weights.

That’s not to say that you should ever use machines, but if your goal is ‘functional fitness’, you should prioritise bodyweight and free weights for better overall results.