Telegraph feature: Do we need core training?

Check out our feature in the Telegraph titled ‘Do we need core training?

“Abdominal training, or core training to give it is more popular name, divides opinion more than perhaps any other aspect of fitness.

Some people will have us believe that specific core training is everything if you want to move well and stay injury-free, whilst others will assert that you don’t need specific core exercises to train the abdominals, you just need to do the big exercises, such as squats, deadlifts and push ups, correctly.

But who is right and how much specific core training, if any, do we need?

The term core training is a relatively new term in fitness and an entire sub-industry has arisen through it. There are varying definitions and opinions about what the core refers to, but in general, it is a broad term used to describe the muscles of the abdominals and lower back.

I think it is more practical to include the muscles of the backside (the glutes) and the entire trunk, because many of these muscles interact with the pelvis and therefore affect our ‘core’. It is probably also true to say that these muscles, such as those of the mid-back and glutes, often need as much, if not more, attention, than those of the abdominals when it comes to stabilizing the trunk, making them hugely relevant…”

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