What makes us different?

Why do people return to a certain place? Remember a special day? Think of that ‘one’ meal that stands above the rest? The answer is probably something to do with the setting or the people they spent that time with.

Now let’s look at this from a gym perspective. What makes people come back to a gym to train? Is it the equipment? Is it the changing rooms? Is it the shake bar or café? For some it may be any of these, but for some it may be something totally different.

A sense of community

We at W10 think it may be something not mentioned on the above list. We believe that the culture and environment we’ve created, along with a little help from our members, makes it such a memorable visit that people want to experience it time and time again.

Think of going to workout in a soulless environment with endless people walking/running/cycling all inline, all with their own personal music playing in their ears with no interaction whatsoever with their fellow trainee.

Now let’s flip this, picture walking into somewhere where everyone knows your name (think Ted Danson), where the music brings you to life (think Power Ballads) and where people spur each other on to bring the best out of them (think Dead Poet’s Society).

Joking aside, imagine walking into an environment where everyone is helped and coached to be the best version of them. Where everyone is looked after on every level, from initial assessment through to nutritional practices. Where you sit down and discuss your goals and outcome with someone who actually cares.

We believe we’ve created this environment at W10

I know it sounds clichéd but members aren’t just a number with us, everyone is looked after equally, and everyone has access to the coaches whenever they need some pointing in the right direction.

The environment we have here is special, that’s what makes people want to come back day after day. Training in a place where like-minded people gather is the most effective way to reach your end goal.

Look at it like strength in numbers

Nb. Apologies to some of the members for the power ballads, but studies have shown that a little John Farnham can increase workout performance by 27.8%

You see, every little helps.