Post Workout Supplements

There’s a plethora of supplements out there that claim to get you to where you want to be faster than the others, but in all honesty I wouldn’t believe the hype. Do your own research first before spending the money.

The supplement business is a multi-million pound machine, and people in the gyms across the land are guzzling down shakes as I type, most not knowing what it really does, what it contains and whether they really need it or not.

The first thing we check at W10 is whether the basics are sorted with a client’s nutrition, because we believe there’s no point in worrying or even thinking about post workout nutrition if your nutritional practices aren’t on point at other times of the day. Would people benefit from eating 3-4 balanced meals from good sources, along with adequate hydration? We think they would.

Don’t start with supps…

We only introduce supplements to someone if they’ve have been consistently nailing the basics for a period of time. Would a shake really make a difference to that person, if they’ve been eating takeaways and drinking alcohol all weekend?

Get the foundations sorted first then build on them.

Our food stages system explains to you step by step the way we believe people should eat. Post workout nutrition (nutrient timing) comes in at the third stage, only after the basics have been done in levels 1 & 2. You can take a look at it here:

In my opinion, with everyday folk who train and are not athletes, they’d be more suited to getting quality food first and foremost. Concentrate on the basics and follow them consistently.  We can worry about post-workout nutrition further down the line.

Adam @W10