Dream Believe Achieve.

Did you join W10 with a specific goal or aspiration in mind?

You have all of the right tools to be the strongest and best version of you. Every exercise or movement in your programme is tailored for your goals and needs. Your dreams are in your hands, so stay focused on what you are looking to achieve over the short, medium and long term.

What’s your motivation? Get clear on the why behind your goal. Understanding how meaningful your dream is to you is the best way to keep your motivation up. Find inspirational quotes or images and keep them on your desk, fridge etc. to remind you that your goal is worth pursuing.

Map it out. A goal without a plan is simply a wish. You need to write down what you are looking to achieve and exactly how you are going to get there. If you don’t know where you are going, you may end up somewhere else!

Be realistic. You’re not going to become a supermodel or the incedible hulk in two or four weeks, so make sure your goals are realistic and set manageable milestones along the way.
Celebrate the progress you make along the way. Look back at your programme history or body comp results to see how far you have come. Many of us get discouraged because we may have set very high expectations on ourselves and we don’t stop to recognise what we have achieved.
Visualise every rep and squeeze is making a difference and helping you progress towards your goal or next milestone. So now, as you are pushing the dreaded sled (worse than giving birth according to one of it’s victims!) you’re doing it to get stronger and leaner.

“It hurts, let’s get this over and done with” becomes “It’s working, I’m pushing towards my goal!”

Believe you can do it. Belief is an extremely powerful tool. If you convey a message to your subconcious mind with conviction, it will see to it that it is done. Your subconcious mind is like a sponge that will readily accept what it is told and will help you bring about your desired results.Your subconcious has no power to argue with or reject the messages you convey to it the way your concious mind does, so make sure you are feeding it with positive thoughts!

Goals and aspirations only come true if you believe in them. Use your mind to turn them into reality.
Jen @W10