Don’t go Nuts

Lets talk nuts. Widely known to be a healthy option for a snack because they contain healthy fats right? Whilst this is true, portion control is very important, even more so when you are dealing with foods high in fat.

Every gram of fat contains 9 calories where as every gram of carbohydrate or protein contains just 4 calories. Nuts and nut butters are relatively high in fat, which means that when snacking on them it can be very easy to clock up some serious calories.

For example 1 tbsp of peanut butter will give you 100 calories.. Most people don’t stop after one either.. Not going to name names but I’ve seen people demolish entire jars in a matter of minutes. 1 oz of Macadamia nuts will score you 204 calories.

Now this isn’t too much of a problem if you are working to a rough macro nutrient framework (given quota of fats, protein and carbs per day). You will just need to reduce the amount of fat you are having with your meals in order to fit it into the greater scheme of things. For example if you are looking to get around 90g of fat in a day (810 cals) just over a handful of macadamia nuts is ¼ of your daily allowance.

Like everything when it comes to nutrition too much of anything isn’t a great idea, nuts most certainly have a lot of benefits when it comes to nutrition. They ARE a good option when it comes to a snack, especially when it comes to satiety, but a closed fist full will usually do the job. Not the entire large bag of salted cashews.

Olli @W10