A fly on the wall at the w10 sports day…

sports day

If you missed it… well, you missed out.

Last weekend was the W10 sports day and it was just as exciting as we’d hoped.

Fear not however, we will be hosting a sports day quarterly. The next one will be on October 11th.

If you’re keen to hear all about the day’s shenanigans well…keep reading.

Event 1: “Each team member rows 60s. The energy is high as everyone is screaming in the faces of the rowers to row harder and then fall out of the saddle as quickly as possible to make room for the next rower. The winning team was the one who covers the most distance. The times are being written up on the board. Adam and Rob’s expressions are priceless to learn that Jen’s team covered the most distance.

Event 2: The teams are getting impatient to find out what their event is going to be. First one is 50 burpees each time with a jump over the hurdle. Ouch! Adjudicators are keeping an eye out for half jumps back shouting “Legs straaaaiiiight”. Then after 50, run over and tag the team member on the Ski Erg. 750m for men, 500m for the girls. There was a LOT of fiddling around with the handles to actually get started, resulting in a bit of screaming and a massive loss of time.

Next up, the Prowler. 20 laps! The ones who volunteered for this might not have appreciated how much volume it takes to do 20 laps. This one brought out sheer tenacity in it’s victims. Some choosing a steady state and others powering through like robocop. Some looking green and some making a galliant sprint finish on the final laps. All prowler victims fall down to the floor in the fetal position upon completion.

KB clean & press next. Some worried looks are exchanged as it dawns on our contestants that they are going up against Rob, the olympic weightlifter, and Olli but they did a great job of holding their own.

Finally we finished with the medicine ball slams. There’s a lot of barking to make sure there’s a full stand after each slam. Another victory for Team Jen, the only way the team can’t win now is if they don’t even get a place in the final event.

Event 3: Team Row 5000m: By this time, the energy is frantic and there’s a lot of running around behind rowers to check the other team times. There were some imaginative team tactics, holding the straps down to keep the rowers feet firmly strapped in on Rob’s team.

It was a tough call between “do we loose seat-swapping time by changing team members in and out too frequently or keep a steady state?” It seems the steady state was the best way forward, as Adam brought his team forward with a 2000m row, making it a nail-biting tie between Team Adam and Team Jen.

Rob and Ollie conspire to pick out an evil way to decide the score. A mexican wave of burpees and medicine ball slams, followed by downing half a pint of cider. The first team to hold the empty cider cup upside down on their head wins. Timbo volunteers the job of downing the cider because Jen would have needed a bucket to throw up in after all that”!

There you have it. Catch the next one this October.