When Life Gets in the Way

Keeping you on track

Working late, business trips, meetings and your cat getting sick are all things that throw a spanner in your workout plans. When things start getting on top of you, the gym is usually the first thing that gets kicked into touch.

Should it though?

Studies have shown that exercise has a positive effect on one’s mood; well being and releases feel good hormones. So I’d rarely advise someone to stop exercise all together. You may not be able to get to the gym, but there are certain things you can do so you don’t let your training suffer.

Go on…

Walking, running or cycling to work is a good place to start. Think how good you’d feel knowing that you’re exercise is done by 9am. It doesn’t need to be strenuous, a bout of exercise lasting 30-40 minutes is far better than doing nothing. Once you get into work, choose the stairs over the lift, opt for a healthy breakfast and settle into the day ahead.

Once lunch comes, opt for that grilled chicken salad and drink water consistently throughout the day. Every hour get up from your desk and do some sort of movement. You don’t need to look like Mr. Motivator but do something that refreshes you. Some bodyweight lunges would suffice, as would some light stretching, 2-3 minutes then back to the grindstone.

When you get home allow yourself 10-15 minutes where you can do some bodyweight exercise – everyone can commit to this. Some lunges, squats, press-ups, burpees and plank exercises are all you need. Take minimal rest and keep going for the duration.

Jump into bed knowing that you may not have made it to the gym but you’ve made the best choices available to you – a win in my book.

By Adam @W10