How to make W10 work optimally for you.

Are you making the best choices when entering the gym? We recommend that most of our clients do two strength based workouts and two conditioning hub sessions a week.


Metabolic work alone will initially yield great results so strength training tends to get neglected in favour of this fun loving and enjoyable work. However, the trouble with undertaking this work alone is that progress will stall if you cannot increase the load you work with.

You may also start having little niggles to appear; Sore knees? Aching shoulders? Lower backache?


If you cannot perform a bodyweight squat for example in near enough perfect form, and during the classes you perform a dynamic movement such as a box jump or jump squat your body will not know how to stabilize the weight so it will compensate somewhere.

This generally manifests itself as knee pain or lower backache. By getting stronger your body will be able to cope with the force placed upon it and you will be able to lift more weight during the classes. Lifting the same load week in week out will make your body adapt to that.

‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’

By neglecting strength work you are handicapping yourself from reaching your true potential.

All is not lost – There is an answer

Follow a strength based program for a period of 6 weeks and see how much better you’ll be in the classes. I guarantee you’ll be more stable under load, be able to move heavier weights and be able to go for longer, just like the Duracell bunny.