“Overnight Oats” – The perfect cereal replacement.

We all know by now that cereal is not the ideal food to kick the day off with. It’s most likely packed with sugars, high in calories and is not going to give you that “Special K red bikini” body that the ad promises.

That being said, it is so easy to grab a bowl and pour in some flakes that I don’t blame those who do so!

However, Oatmeal/Porridge is a better option but no offence, some people can’t be bothered to have to “cook” anything first thing in the morning and so they choose not to.

Here is an easy alternative to cereal and porridge.









INGREDIENTS: Serves 2-3 and lasts 3 days in the Fridge

2 Cups Oats

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 tsp Cinnamon

½ Cup of nuts or seeds (pumpkin seeds or walnuts)

½ tsp Chia seeds

½ cup Fresh Berries of your choice

1 tbs of Date Syrup to sweeten or Raw honey (can use 1/8 tsp of stevia instead)

Almond/Coconut or Organic Whole Milk. Enough to cover oats


  • In a large bowl add the oats and cover them with the milk.
  • Add the Vanilla Extract
  • Add the Cinnamon
  • Add the Sweetener you choose (stevia or date syrup ideal)
  • Add the nuts or seeds
  • Stir together. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
  • In the morning you can add the fresh fruit on top of the muesli.

NB. If it is too thick for your taste just add a little more milk.


Overnight Oat Muesli