The next best thing or fitness fad?

Fitness is a growing industry. It’s evolving rapidly and it’s awash with workout systems and equipment options in an attempt to satisfy the public’s demand for new (and often quick) fitness fixes. Six-week abs anyone?

Let’s face it, fitness can be boring. Most of us are clever creatures that need stimulating. And in this high-tech world we get bored quickly, which applies to our fitness pursuits too. The reality, however, is that our thirst for all things new and fun is allowing the opportunists to move in and distract us with outlandish claims about their new and fantastic toys – most of which quite frankly is BS.

No system, new workout toy and latest diet are going to get you into shape in 28 days. That’s right. None of it. If you want results, nothing gets away from the fact that getting in shape is about doing the core movements of squat, push, pull, hip hinge and carry plus some single leg and core training. These need to be done progressively and combined with a decent nutrition programme.

Sure it’s nice to have new shiny toys (we have some excellent pieces of kit at W10!), but remember why you’re in the gym. It’s about results, not new equipment. It’s important to keep things fresh but don’t get done by the decoys!

At W10 we’re old school with a modern twist. We prioritise the basics that deliver results, but we pepper these with new equipment and the odd trend to keep things fresh. It’s a combination that makes things fun and gets results. And what, after all, do you want more than that?