Jeans Challenge review on Harpers Bazaar

Check out the review of our W10 Jeans Challenge in Harpers Bazaar:

“Week seven: I approach Zara’s changing room clutching a size 12 black lace dress, and, less confidently, a size ten pair of jeans. The dress is a tad on the loose side. The jeans fit like a glove. I can even squeeze into a size eight (if I lie on the floor to do up the zip). The turbo charged scales show I’ve lost 3% body fat and three-and-a-half kilos of fat. Fifteen packs of butter!

And that’s not all. A strange thing has happened with all this squatting and jumping and lifting and sweating. I’m sleeping better, I’m nicer to my kids when they won’t go to bed; I’m in a better mood all round. I’ve become one of those relentlessly spritely, annoyingly positive people. AND I am even considering signing up for the ‘Tough Mudder Challenge’, a macho team competition W10 enter every year. Skinny jeans? Pah, that’s nothing, with Jean Claude and his team on side I reckon I can take on a bikini.”

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