Two Jeans sizes lost in 8wks!

W10 member MB talks about her Jeans Challenge experience in Closer magazine.

“‘By the beginning of this year I was really fed up with my weight. I’d just come back from a winter sun holiday and had felt horrible in a bikini. I just wanted to cover up the whole time, especially my flabby bum and tummy. My size had yo-yo-ed up and down over the the previous year – mainly as I’d been so stressed at work – and months of overindulging on sugary junk food meant that half a stone had crept on. I couldn’t fit into my normal clothes, so I knew I had to take action decided to try my local gym, W10 Performance in West London, who helped Ashley Roberts – the former Pussycat Doll and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here contestant – to shape up. They designed an 8-week diet and fitness programme for me.

The biggest surprise was being told by their nutrition expert that by trying to eat ‘healthily’ I’d actually been eating too few calories. This meant my blood sugar was dropping too much, which was why I was so hungry and tired all the time. I had been starting the day with porridge, eating sandwiches for lunch, scavenging biscuits and chocolate mid-afternoon, then having a carb-free dinner – only to need a bowl of cereal to fill me up later…..”

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