W10 Member Success Story

Every so often we like to share some of our members’ success stories, letting people describe their W10 experience in their own words.  Here’s another one of our 6wk programme testimonials.

DH is a typical guy in his mid thirties with the pressures of a demanding working life and a love for the social scene and all the trappings.  Perhaps fair to say that DH isn’t a natural when it comes to the healthy living thing, so it is a journey that many people could probably relate to.  One of those, ‘if he can do it’….

Here’s the journey in his own words:

“I started the W10 6wk program as I wanted a structured and effective way of using the gym, rather than drifting from one thing to another.  I was recommended W10 by friends who train there and who spoke highly of it.  The place is very different to your usual commercial gym – the people are focused but also there’s a relaxed group vibe.

One of the best parts of the program was the tangible markers of progress which the InBody machine gave me, providing weekly readings of fat and muscle composition so I could measure improvements consistently.  if my diet was off it would show and if I followed the plan to the letter the improvements were clear so this helps you to stay on track and motivates you to beat your previous result – on average I was losing 1kg of fat a week.



Diet is probably the most important factor of the programme and is the one I usually struggle with. I kept a daily food diary, which I submitted at the end of every week. Though you think you’re eating the right foods, in some cases you’re not, so having Adam barking about what’s right and wrong in your diary helped to change eating habits!

The progressive nature of the training program kept things interesting and I learned more ways of using the gym.  All three of trainers at W10 know your plan and what you’re wanting to get out of it, I liked getting the perspective of three experienced guys and means you’re not tied to the availability/schedule of one trainer.

I would defiantly recommend the 6 week program and W10 to anyone who wants to kick start a more healthy life.  Physically I am stronger and healthier and I lost a significant amount of body fat, but beyond that I also found my energy levels increased.  I was sleeping regularly and getting out of bed more easily in the morning!  Having a more structured post work schedule made me more focused generally.”