W10 do Tough Mudder

After plenty of banter and positive talk we’ve decided to take the plunge and enter a team for the North London Tough Mudder!

Never heard of Tough Mudder and don’t know what it is?  Think 10miles of cold water, mud and obstacles.  It will definitely be muddy and physically challenging – that’s the point! – but is open to anyone who’s up for putting a bit of training in over the next few weeks.

Need a training goal or focus?

Up for a physical challenge?

Keen for some team fun?

Check out the Tough Mudder website here>>

We will provide everyone with training programmes, guidelines, nutritional info and so on; all you’ve got to do is commit yourself to training over the next few weeks and approach the day itself with a steely determination and of course sense of humour!

We are entering as a team so that we’ll all have the help of the rest of the W10 mob to help get us under, over and around the course.  CURRENT FITNESS LEVELS ARE UNIMPORTANT, we will get everyone ready to go!  Friends and family welcome also.

It’s selling out quickly so WE NEED TO REGISTER ASAP.

We have registered for Saturday 4th @ 10.40am preferred start

Our team name is W10 and the team password is ‘w10mudder’

Click here to register for Tough Mudder on 4th May 2013>>  

Note:  You do not need to enter as part of the W10 team to come along, we just thought it would be good to get the same start time and trundle around together!

We will get an email notification to let us know that you’ve booked but drop us an email also so that there is no admin glitch.

The plan also is to look into hiring transportation and travelling up as a group if there’s interest.  Details to follow.

Should be a good laugh, so get registered!

The W10 Team