W10 Member Success Story

Here’s our latest and last W10 member success story for 2012!

We’re particularly pleased with A-N’s six week progress.  Not so much because of the pictures – although that’s a pretty decent improvement indeed – but because someone who had previously worked out sporadically and eaten what we’ll call a less than optimal diet (he won’t mind us saying so!), never prioritising either, managed to stick to the programme and has continued with a similar schedule since finishing.

A-N works long hours and wasn’t sleeping well (both quality and quantity) so we needed to make sure that the schedule was one from which he could recover.  So the approach here to training was three full body resistance trainings sessions each week (preferably on non-consective days) and one, short, sharp interval training session.

The nutrition was straight forward also.  Ditch the rubbish, eat regularly, increase the protein, include the majority of carbs at night (more conservative amounts in the first ten days), and indulge in a bit of want you want twice per week (which kept him compliant the rest of the week!).  Simple.

As always we’d prefer that the journey be told in the first person, so here’s AN’s experience in pictures and in his own words:

“My life is pretty much dominated by work so I was very sceptical about my ability to both fit in and commit to a programme that had me in the gym 4 times a week…..

BUT, the beauty of the W10 programme is its simplicity: you are in and out the gym within 45 minutes, the diet plan and the food diaries make it easy to plan your meals; and you’re kept honest with the regular weigh-ins and food diary reviews. In short, if you follow the plan it’s idiot proof.

I joined up for the 6 week programme with the intention of losing body fat and maintain muscle, and the results by the measuring tape and the mirror are certainly noticeable.

However, I think I have been more surprised by the changes which the mirror don’t really reflect.  I have changed my attitude to food and drink, have more energy and am certainly less stressed.

The only downside of the programme is that you will invariably have to train to a selection of 90’s power ballads…”.

We really are going to have to say something to Jonesy about these power ballads…..