Why W10 Trainer Rob is an Idiot….

Here’s the latest instalment of W10 trainer Rob’s blog:

Reason #1 why I’m an idiot is that I have been neglecting my soft tissue work.

Now I am usually a big proponant of practicing what I preach but lately my soft tissue work has fallen by the wayside and do you know what I’m feeling it. I ache all over, my mobility isn’t as good as it once was and I wake up stiff most mornings.

Things are about to change. I have set myself a goal to get back to my nimble old self by using the foam roller for 10 mins every day with a little bit of mobility work thrown in. I encourage everybody to get a foam roller at home and more importantly……use it! You will be amazed how much better you feel after a week or so of using it everyday, those little aches and pains will slowly become easier, your mobility starts to improve and your general sense of wellbeing elevates to euphoric levels…..okay that last one might be a reach but you will start to feel better about yourself.

For those who are new to the foam roller the best way to describing it is “a poor mans sports massage”. Now for those of you who have had a sports massage you will know that it can be a little painful (to say the least) and the same can be said about the foam roller. I urge you not to rush through the painful spots, this is where you need it most, and whilst initially you may want to punch me square in the face I promise you will be thanking me later down the line.

In my opinion the key areas to hit are the calves, IT band, quads, glutes (although a hockey ball will probably be better at getting into them), lower back and upper back. Obviously everyone is individual and carries tension in different areas but this is a good starting point and will give you a good idea of your “trouble spots” i.e. where the pain lies.

I urge everyone to give this a go over the next month and let me know how you get on.

Train smart and stay healthy.

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