Latest W10 Member Success Story

Transformations are definitely not always about before and after shots but sometimes you look at the photos and just have to stand back and say ‘hats off’.  We think you’ll agree that PW’s transformation in just six weeks is one of those occasions.

In order to provide some background/perspective, PW was an existing W10 member who decided that he wanted to focus 100% for six weeks before his friends wedding – so he had a decent training base and we we knew what he would/would not be able to do and also recover from which makes life easier.

He works in the City at a large bank in a reasonably senior position so training was kept to three times each week for no more than an hour.  Nutritionally we recommended moderate protein and fat, with plenty of carbs which were manipulated on training vs non-training days, nothing fancy.  Nothing else – no cardio, no HIIT, nothing.   Just the occasional walk if/as/when he fancied some fresh air.

Here is PW’s experience in pictures and his own words:


“I would definitely recommend the w10 six week programme. The programme will always be judged on results and I was really happy with mine but also I liked how easily it fit into my week and the fact it didn’t completely dominate my work and social life like other programmes I’ve tried. I think the most challenging part was not drinking alcohol but the best part was enjoying eating porridge on training days! Would definitely do it again.”

We’ll put this post on our Facebook page and if there’s enough interest we’ll do a further post on the training and the nutritional programme over the six weeks.  And with some luck, a few more words from the famously understated PW himself!