Keep your programme simple

Our approach is pretty simple.  Move regularly (day to day), move some (relatively) heavy stuff and do some sprints (or metabolically equivalent).  Pepper that with some soft tissue and mobility work and you’ve got the basis of a good programme.

Above all else, keep things simple.  You don’t have to do every exercise variation for every body part every week to get results, quite the opposite.  In fact, we do a lot of online programmes for people and almost without exception the most impactful thing we do for people is take things OUT of their programme.

People get buried with the minutiae and they shouldn’t, especially those of us who do not fall under the category of ‘advanced lifter’.  Most of us with busy lives don’t have a significant amount of time to dedicate to training and could do without second guessing our programme variables all of the time.

As an example (and as requested by a couple of people this week), here’s a basic twice per week (assuming that’s all you’ve got) full body template that is similar to how we would programme.  The A, B and C exercises are all super-setted to save time and increase metabolic demand (depending on rest/goal).

Day 1                                        Day 2


Knee / Pull                        Hip / Push


Hip / Push                         Knee / Pull

(Compound, lower reps)


Lower back/ Abs               Lower back/ Abs

Shoulders/Arms                Shoulders/Arms

Prehab / Corrective          Prehab / Corrective

(Typically isolation, higher reps)

Pretty straight forward stuff, but that really is as complicated as it needs to be for many people. Yes, you’ll need to programme appropriate exercises, incorporate any corrective/weak point training, change the variables occasionally, perhaps throw a metabolic finisher into the mix at some point for fat loss etc, but do this with purpose and follow a decent nutritional programme and you’ll see impressive results.  It’s that simple.