Does Eating Carbs at Night Make us Fat?

This week Blog Post is a guest post from Dr Layne Norton.  Layne is a guy with a scientific approach to training and nutrition and is someone we can all learn a great deal from.

Layne’s latest blog post addresses the myth that eating carbohyrdates at night will make you fat:

“There are quite a few things that everyone in the fitness industry KNOWS.  You have to eat 8 meals per day, consume 400g+ protein per day, do fasted cardio, use heavy weights to bulk up, and light weights wit high reps to tone up… oh wait, those are all BROSCIENCE!

Don’t get me wrong, bodybuilding and fitness have been on the cutting edge of many dietary and training interventions that mainstream science is only now catching up.  Unfortunately, the vetting process for many of these protocols isn’t exactly stringent.  Thus, many things become accepted as ‘fact’, when in reality they are based in little actual research data.

The debate about whether or not it’s ok to have carbs at night has been all but settled in the fitness industry.  You simply can’t consume a shred of carbohydrates at night or you will store fat faster than vampire rises after the sun sets!  That is, according to many fitness ‘experts’ out there.  So I decided to examine this fitness factoid to determine if eating carbs at night was actually detrimental to your body composition or if it was all fallacy.”

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