Interesting Reads from the Last Week

We do a tonne of reading and research each week and we’d thought we’d start sharing some of the stuff we’ve looked at.  So here’s a handful of some of the articles we came across in the last few days…..
If you’ve got any good ones to share please let us have them and we’ll have a read ourselves and get them included next week!
  • A ‘new’ approach to circuit training for building muscle

  • A damning review of statins and the myth of cholesterol and its relationship to heart disease – interesting reading given recent press releases

  • A view on the importance of strength training for cycling

  •  Going to wear sunscreen?  Here’s your guide to making an informed choice and picking the best brand

  •  Further research suggesting that saturated fats are not the evil they are still being portrayed as

  •  An interesting counter argument against vaccines

  •  Post-run nutrition with Charles Poliquin

  •  How to boil the perfect egg

  •  Pressing movements and variation from Charles Poliquin

  • Correcting deadlifting technique

  •  Four barriers to fat loss

  • Things we can learn from Arnie

  •  Saturated fats might not really be as bad as we have been led to believe…..

  •  Five quick ways to move and feel better

  •  A good article that looks at combining certain exercises to improve structural balance and improve movement quality

  • More shoulder prehab with Eric Cressy

  • Good article on the effects of losing sleep.

  •  The 10 habits of lean people

  •  Five quick and easy ways to move and feel better by Eric Cressy

  •  Interesting summary of the book “lights out” by T S Wiley

  • Repetition improves technique, not funky activation drills

  • Some of the advantages of a rotational diet for someone with food allergies

  • How to structure a four day rotation diet

  • Infinity fitness’s blog

  • Running is not for baseball pitchers…. Does that apply to the rest of us?