Not All Protein Supplements Are Created Equal

If you don’t do well with whey protein go for an organic vegan protein like Sun Warrior rice protein

Protein supplements have their place in fat loss and muscle building programs, but are by no means an essential component of a healthy and successful training and nutrition program, far from it.

Most people we talk to – particularly ‘want-to-be meatheads’ – are far to concerned, bordering on obsessed, with taking protein supplements in lieu of eating meals.  Let’s be clear, food should be chewed – and we would hands down recommend anyone eat real food rather than drink ‘faux’ powders, always.  The problem is that due to busy work-life schedules this is not always possible.

Protein supplements should be used as a crutch not a staple and should only be used when it is not possible to eat what and when is required.  The only exception would be post-workout when liquid nutrition might be more beneficial for helping lose body fat and add muscle – something we actually advocate at W10.

If you do use a protein powder it’s important to make a considered choice.  Most protein powders are simply mass produced rubbish made from grain fed, non-organic, artificially sweetened, processed dairy which for most people does little more than cause digestive disruption, inflammation and negatively hammers the immune system.  We strongly recommend that you avoid these or any food stuffs made from these sources.

Always go for a growth hormone and artificial sweetener free product.  They are of course more expensive, but they’re well worth it.  And if you don’t do well with dairy based products (bloating etc) go for a vegan protein powder (rice and pea etc).  Both are better for your health, which equally better results form your training.

  1. NOW Foods Organic Whey Protein is an all natural whey protein supplement made from organic milk. The milk is produced without antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones or pesticides. NOW’s Organic Whey Protein is processed by low temparature ultrafiltration which limits the denaturing of the protein.

    NOW Organic Whey is 80% protein by weight, it is also rich in BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) making it a perfect supplement for anyone wishing to increase protein in their diet. We recommend this product pre/post workout for those looking to supply muscle tissue with protein for growth and repair. The product is rapidly digested and provides over 18 grams of protein per serving

  2. I’m a bodybuilder, and I think there is no pride or achievement in getting results by taking any form of steroids or HGH. Why the hell do you want to take HGH anyway, stop being a sissy and do some hard work. Believe me when I say that no matter how much you take you will not look like Ronnie Coleman or Arnold or whoever it is you want to look like. Do some research and you’ll soon realise that the consequences and side effects outweigh the benefits. Without the right attitude and belief in yourself you won’t get the results you want anyway. No GREAT bodybuilder started taking steroids before they had reached what they percieved as their peak. Ronnie earned his pro card back in 91 when he was still natural and even back then he lifted prodigous amounts of weight.

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    • We’re not a good source of information when it comes to steroid use etc, it’s not where our interest and ethos lies. We would agree with the comment about hard work. Too many people underestimate what it actually takes in terms of gym and kitchen time (and of course genetic predisposition) to add serious muscle mass . In todays ‘I want it now’ culture too many people try and cut corners and look to steroids etc as a quick fix. In our opinion, this is not the way forward. Train hard. Eat according to your goals. And BE CONSISTENT.