Metabolic Circuit Only Membership

Starting a new gym program in January? Rapid fat loss, strength gains and increased fitness anybody?

We’re now into the final week of our current Jeans Challenge and the ladies are nearly over the finish line. (Our next Challenge is not now scheduled until April 2012 – see here for more details). Whilst the novelty of eating ‘clean’ for the most part might have well and truly worn off (and with it coming the odd dietary indiscretion!), the training has been consistent from all of our Challengers, and they’re seeing the results of their hard work.

We’re still putting the guys through four sessions; two of our personalised Results Based Fitness (RBF) programs, designed specifically for each individual according to their needs, complimented by two Metabolic Circuit sessions each week.  The RBF programs serve to make the guys stronger and more structurally balanced, and generally set the foundation for the Metabolic Circuits, which then act as a serious fat loss vehicle!

The Metabolic Circuits have proven very popular.  In fact, for the first time we’ve opened these sessions up to all of our members, and there has been call from all quarters to keep these going as part of the gym timetable.  So we’re going to do exactly that.  (Far be it from us not to give in to the cries of the masses!).

These sessions will continue to be included as part of our All Access Membership, but starting from January 2012 we will be offering a Metabolic Circuit Only Membership.  So, for anyone who feels they either don’t need or don’t want all of the benefits of our All Access Membership, but still want to experience the fitness and fat loss benefits of our Metabolic Circuit sessions, you can now do exactly that with a Metabolic Circuit Only Membership.

Yep, thats right – for the same, or less than, than the cost of a big-box gym membership you can now have unlimited access to multiple weekly sessions of what is probably the most effective fat loss and fitness exercise program around – for both men and women.  Sounds good to me.

See here for more details on our Metabolic Circuit Only Membership>>