W10 Review on Society West

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In Society West’s own words:

“Every gym and health club claims to be different, but Society West can vouch that W10 Performance in West London actually is. The gym and their expert team of trainers have a surprisingly unique approach to reaching goals and maintaining them, valuing results above all. Don’t expect too many frills, but if you want to train and you want to train hard, W10 Performance is the ideal club for you.


W10 offers a signature Results Based Program, designed in conjunction with your own specific goals and helping you to achieve these faster than ever before. W10’s in-house experts draw on over ten years working with, and learning from, the best in the industry, collaborating with you to create a personalised fitness and fat loss program based around your reasons for wanting to get fit. Say goodbye to generalised fitness and fad diets, this is your fitness, your goals and your best body ever after just a few weeks of your uniquely tailored program. W10’s trainers are well-recognised at being excellent at what they do and are refreshingly honest and straight forward, believing that the best results won’t come from sugar-coating your workouts.


SW was impressed that they continue to develop their knowledge daily to make sure the studio stays fresh and able to offer the most advanced fitness programs around. With full-time membership to the club limited to just 75 members, W10 means no crowds and giving you the perfect environment to work with your trainer to get the very best out of your training. Membership includes full gym access, unlimited in-gym coaching, a full range of a variety of circuits throughout the week and 4 training sessions designed to step your fitness up to the highest level, as well as initial goal setting, on-going evaluation, movement screening and nutritional advice”.

Society West, November 2011