Kick-start your Fat Loss & Fitness in December

It's a pretty safe bet that Sly was running those steps in December!

We’re now only two sleeps until we’re into December and all of the fun and excitement (and for some, the stress!) that the festive season brings with it.

What this means for most of us is that we’ve got about two, maybe three, productive weeks left in us before we down tools, kick back and enjoy some well earned down time.  Fair enough, we’ll be doing similar.  (We’re human, and we think we’ve earned it too!).

But here’s the thing.  You know you’re going to indulge at some point over the next few weeks, multiple times no doubt.  Christmas parties, client lunches, after works drinks, and of course what it’s all about Christmas and New Years celebrations.  (And no, you won’t possibly be able to ‘get out of’ any of it!)

So, it stands to reason that your fitness program can relax for a few weeks whilst you kick-back.  And for those with next years resolutions already in the bag, you can sit back, tucking gleefully away, safe in the knowledge that January is only around the corner.  Seems reasonable right?  We’d argue not quite.

Think of it another way……

If you’re already exercising, you’ve got three weeks to ‘bank’ some sessions so that you can afford to back off for a couple of weeks.  Psycologically speaking, you’ll enjoy your food (and drink!) more, and physiologically, your body will quite simply be better equipped to handle the excesses that you throw at it (you can in fact make the work for you – especially if you focus on lean tissue building and glycogen depleting weight training!).

And if you’re not currently exercising regularly, then you’ve got  a couple of weeks to dip your toe in and test the water before January 3rd comes around (the 1st is a Sunday, and health and fitness resoltions don’t tend to start on a Sunday!).  You can get the initial aches and pains out of the way, enjoy your festive treats, and you can then attack January and your new goals with increased vigour.  Sounds good to us.

With this in mind, we’re going to offer both movers and not yet movers an incentive not to write December off.  Between the 1st – 18th December 2011 we will be offering:

  • 10% off all 4-Session Bolt-Ons purchased by our existing All Access Members
  • 40% off all 15-day trials purchased by those whom might otherwise have left it until January

Thats right…..we’ve left you with little, or no, excuse not to adjust your thinking and make the most out of your exercise through December!

Ps. From the 1st January 2012 we will be increasing the cost of our All Access Memebership.  Existing members will never pay more than they do today, but all new memberships starting in January will be subject to the new increased rate – so get yourself signed up before the New Year!  

(Not the usual tact in January we know, but we’d prefer to do it before people join, rather than shortly afterwards.  It’s also our way of thanking our existing memebers in some small way for all the support that they’ve given us through this past year).