Women’s Fat Loss & Men’s Arm Programs

Good Friday afternoon all.

Well, it’s the last week in what has been an unsurprisingly busy October.  We’ve seen an influx of new faces through the doors of W10 – both men and women – all of whom are now realising that there is definitely more to life than sterile gym environments and stagnant results!  (Word is spreading rapidly about that small gym tucked away in St Marks Road W10!).

Our latest Jeans Challenge – our mission to get our next batch our women to drop two dress sizes in just two weeks – has gone of with a serious bang.  We’re coming to the end of week two, and you can already visibly see that fat loss on all of our fourteen ladies.  Amazing what four uncomplicated, forty-five minute training sessions and a sensible nutrition can do for posture, strength, energy levels, and of course FAT LOSS, in such a short space of time.  Looking forward to getting some measurements in week three – we’re expecting some pretty impressive results!

Don’t fret, we haven’t forgotten the guys in all of this excitement.  In fact, we’ve get an absolute pearler of a program in store for the 6th November – the infamous One Day Arm Cure.  The brainchild of world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, designed to add up to an inch of solid muscle to you arms in as little as 48hrs, the One Day Arm Cure is being brought to W10.  Of course, it’s not all about size…..but it does count, especially when we’re talking ‘guns’ – right chaps?  We’ve still got some spots left, so contact us you would like to register.

Thats all for now, so here’s to some decent Holloween celebrations over weekend and of course the extra hours sleep on Sunday morning!

The W10 Team.