Latest goings on at W10

Big week at W10 this week.  James is starting (another!) nutritional experiment, and Adam is coming to the end of his four week twice daily training cycle (ouch).  Oh, and we’ve got (almost) the last of the of new equipment in, and it must be said that it’s looking pretty impressive – even if I do say so myself!  We must give a huge thanks to our equipment suppliers EXF who not only provided us some amazing kit (at an amazing price!), but then also worked tirelessly to get it all installed.  Thanks again to Charles and the guys.

The members feedback has been very positive and everyones training seems to have gone up a notch, which is great stuff!  So all that’s left is the astroturf strip to be put in place, and we’ll pushing, pulling, lunging and dragging ourselves and all of our members into a posture-perfect frenzy!

On Thursday this week we’ll be putting the new Olympic Lifting platforms through their paces when we welcome specialist Olympic Lifting Coach Mike Causer in to help us us brush up on our technique.  Mike’s also a trainer/coach (we won’t hold that against him!), but we recognise that he can bring us on in this specific area and help us accelerate our clients’ results!

This weekend we’ve got a video/photo shoot on Saturday morning – any of you members who might not otherwise be in, we’re offering up a mornings trainings session in return for your body…..any more takers let us know!  Why?  We want to bring the website to life with some footage of our members doing their stuff, so that people can see as well as read what we’re about. (No close up and face shots for the shy amongst you!).

Open day the following weekend (June 3rd and 4th), so don’t forget to let people know!  MORE TO FOLLOW SHORTLY ON THIS.

For now.

The W10 Team.