Lauren’s 12-week Elite Programme Blog

One of our clients is keeping a blog for her 12-week Elite Performance Programme (EPP)

Lauren has decided that  2011 is the year that she’s going to make some lasting changes to her body, and she’s brought us along for the ride!

Check out Lauren’s Blog to see what the first day panned out like.  It would be great if we could all get behind Lauren by following her blog and lending our support along the way!

The first days food was delivered this morning from the guys at NOSH, which although looked like it wouldn’t touch the sides, has apparently proved pretty substantial and much to Lauren’s surprise, not left her feeling hungry!  (that’s what happens when your food is nutrient dense!).

Our first session in the gym consisted of body composition testing, flexibility/mobility evaluation, postural analysis and functional movement assessment, all of which will provide the basis for our programme.  Day two tomorrow, and it’s our first workout…….

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