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by Natasha Paulini

It’s not that I’m lazy. Truly. I just have a physical aversion to physical activity. Beyond dance classes in my teens, exercise and I have had an uneasy, passing relationship.

Six years on a certain health magazine for men meant I was surrounded by all the good advice one could want. But as a fashion editor, I could disdainfully look down my nose as co-workers huffed and puffed back from lunchtime jogs.  But then, I turned 30 and my once fast metabolism slowed to a sluggish crawl.

Yoga and Pilates have enjoyed the get-fit limelight now for many years, but there’s a growing trend for a tougher approach. And just off St Mark’s Road in Ladbroke Grove, there’s a group of guys that’s leading the charge.

“When I looked around me at the gym I noticed no-one else around me was getting the same results,” shrugs founder Jean-Claude Vacassin. “The gym industry is driven by physios – fitness trends are the product of rehabilitation training. Sure, it gets you out of pain, but it doesn’t make you lean and strong.”

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