Why have I been advised to eat more fat?

Lets’ put it out there from the off, eating fat does not make you fat!

Remember that not all fats are created equal.  Yes, some sources of fat will have a negative impact on the body (in particular hydrogenated and trans fats), but for others, quite the opposite is true.  ‘Good’ fats (essential fatty acids) have a wide range of health giving properties and are useful in treating depression and inflammatory conditions (joint problems, eczema, hay fever, arthritis, etcetera), not to mention improving the health and function of the brain and nervous system.

What is less known about these EFA’s is that they can actually help to reduce body fat!  There are a number of ways in which this occurs, such as the ‘switching on’ of a gene which makes the body prefer to use fat as its energy source (increased metabolism), making us satiated following a meal (reduced volume of food consumed) and the stabilisation of insulin and blood sugars (less fat storage) and will mean that we crave sweet foods less.

Be aware also that low fat usually means high sugar and heavily processed, so try and avoid specific low fat products.