Are Branch Chain Amino Acid’s worth taking to enhance my training?

BCAA’s are absolutely worth taking to accelerate your training, but only if you’re on top of the key areas such hydration, nutrition and basic supplementation.

We are all for anything that is both naturally occurring and will help you reach your goals, but only when there is a framework for it work effectively within.  Spending money on expensive supplements before you’ve get the basics (clean food and water for example!)  down pat is backward!

What differentiates BCAA’s from the other essential amino acids is how they are metabolised.  All other amino acids are metabolised in the liver, whereas BCAA’s are metabolised directly in muscle.  This means that they have huge anabolic (muscle building) and anti-catabolic (muscle breakdown) properties and are also an excellent fuel source – especially useful for those following fat loss training programmes.

The key is getting the timing and dosage right (you need to use them in high quantities to make it worthwhile).  And go for the capsule version as the taste of the powder will put most off!