10 reasons to pick W10 Performance


W10 Performance is a gym that is pioneering, innovative, and delivers results. It is a place that is focussed, but fun, and we help people of all fitness levels and gym experience get the best possible outcome from their time spent in the gym.

We take it seriously, but we’re not too serious about it all. We work extremely hard to provide the most effective and progressive training programmes, nutritional information, sports injury and rehabilitation service, and of course fitness coaching around, but we are not all robots who do nothing but eat chicken and greens, we’re normal people (define…) who just love what we do. Here’s a few things we believe are the reason our approach works:

Strong is for everyone
No matter if you want to lose weight, get fit, tone up, or run faster, we all need a foundation of strength.
Performance before aesthetics
We all want to look good, but it is as important that we keep our joints healthy and move well also.
We don’t believe in diets
Diets don’t work.  If they did, there would only be one, and we’d all be following it.  The clue is in the first three letters.
Everyone is an athlete
People with general fitness goals should train athletically, focussing on movements rather than muscles.
Functional training, not machines
Our programmes consist of free weights for the most part, with machines used sparingly.
No fads, gimmicks and promotional BS
We use tried and tested programmes and approaches that get results, not what’s currently en vogue.
Balanced programmes for balanced athletes
Our programmes include elements of strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular training.
Effective and enjoyable in equal measures
Programmes should be personalised and progressive, but the gym needs to be a fun place to come.
Fitness is inclusive
Our members are a mix of shapes, sizes and abilities, and we meet everyone where they’re at.
Unbeatable atmosphere
When you train at W10 Performance you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people, so you won’t have to contend with oversized egos who think they own the place.